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Boise Idaho Traffic Control

Construction Traffic Control Co., LLc is a full service, professional traffic control company.

We have been servicing the Boise, Idaho, Valley area for 15+ years with excellent, quality service. Safety is our priority!! 


For all of your traffic control needs, we are your company.  We have certified flaggers and certified supervisors on staff.
We draw traffic control plans and set up job sites for all traffic situations in accordance to the current MUTCD (Manual on
Uniform Traffic Control Devices) standards. We do small jobs and big jobs. Our flaggers are trained on the job and can
control traffic in any situation. We set up our job sites legally for county and state requirements too. If safety is your
priority on your job sites, contact us.


We have signs, barricades, barrels, cones, candles, arrow boards, pilot cars, flaggers, supervisors and more. We provide
 traffic control consultations as well. We have references and certificates of insurance available upon request. We are a
certified BDE/WBE company. Our company is run under JH Construction Traffic Control Co., LLC and Construction Traffic
Control. For all of your traffic control needs, one call takes care of it all. Give us a call and let us take the worry out of your
traffic control needs.  We will work with you on your bid prices too. Contact us for a quote for your traffic control needs.


We service the following areas: Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Montana, and parts of Utah.   


  • All of our flaggers are certified and trained on the job prior to flagging.
  • We have certified supervisors.
  • We have flagging instructors certified by Idaho and Oregon to certify flaggers for Idaho, 
    Oregon, Washington and Montana offering the Evergreen Safety Council Course.
  • We provide signs, cones, barrels, barricades, arrow boards, pilot cars, striping, etc.
  • We offer consultations to contractors for all traffic control situations.
  • We prepare traffic control plans that conform to the current MUTCD standards.
  • We have been in business since 1996 servicing all of Idaho and parts of Oregon,
    Washington and Montana.
  • We offer references upon request.
  • We are Public Works Licensed and have an Occupational Business License.
  • We provide the best Idaho Traffic Control service.
  • We are a ceritfied DBE company through the Idaho Transportation Depatment.


Please contact us for our rates or quotes for your construction projects. 

We appreciate your business!